Kerala, Kurianoor

Bio: I am interested in Writing, Literary and Cultural theories, Fiction and Poetry. Writing is a fruit and its exorbitant for me as a delicacy. I write, travel, booze, smoke and make love. I am fond of the quote: Literature is like foreplay has to be cajoled and wooed and when it reaches the orgasm it becomes thoroughly enjoyable. After death Literature can resurrect again. Philosophically my Being has traversed through Theism of Christianity and The Evil of Satanism. I have become disillusioned with both those isms. I have come to adopt a nihilistic existential atheism, a disgruntled Hellenism, a looking out for the culture of aesthetic hedonism and also for affinities with Feminism and Deconstruction. I have grown in Philosophic stature; I have ejaculated and I have dissected my Indian roots to become an aesthete as a disgruntled Hellenist, a gentile Jew, a Critical Christian, an atheist Muslim and materialist Hindu, scattered in the diaspora of trying mental angst, a bohemian philistine who wants to eke a passion even in fin de siècle and find epiphanies in the ridiculous and the trivial and also I am a self confessional nihilist, an expressionistic existentialist a seeking hedonist and deconsctructionist and feminist theologian

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sounds like my kind of tea party


  2. You seem to have very productive ejaculate…sounds a bit like Chaos Magick. Interesting.

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  3. Ahh, belief in non-belief of belief..I believe I like that!

    Great blog, and concept.

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