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The callous indifference shown by the central govt. of India towards Kerala makes me think that’s its high time that Kerala break away from the sanctified union of Indian states and become an independent country. There are many reasons for me to think that my argument is justified. Kerala’s treasury is dry and the State Govt. is finding it difficult to dispense salaries. I feel this is a part of the Hindutva agenda, a conspiracy of the Modi govt. to demoralize and deteriorate a legitimate democratic govt. of Kerala that is democratic. The next Luciferic thing that the central govt. did was to freeze all the accounts of the Kerala cooperative banks. This has put millions of people in jeopardy, especially the poor farmers of Kerala who have their income in cooperative banks. When the ministers of Kerala tried to meet Mr. Modi, the b****** refused to even see them. If Kerala breaks away from the Indian union and becomes an independent country, it can reach the aspirations of a developed country like Singapore. Kerala is very strong in Tourism, IT and its many ports can do business like an advanced country like Singapore. Some people of Kerala are so boorish that they don’t allow an international airport to come in a place called Aranmula. Fortunately I live very close to that place. I imagine I am carrying passport of Kerala. As an independent country with strong Marxist affiliation, Kerala can become a developed country in five years of time. Kerala can become stronger, and economically affluent than its counterpart India. The aim of the Modi govt. is to saffronize India and make it a Hindu country. Modi, is a govt. which disrespects secularism, freedom and democracy. Mr. Modi the cow is not a f****** holy Goddess for me. Mr. Modi, I refuse to pay homage to the Sun by doing Yoga. I am fiercely independent, democratic and liberal. The Marxist govt. of Kerala can do very well and transform Kerala as an independent country as a Shangri-La of the East.